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23 APRIL 2012

Almost a month since I last posted here...

I feel bad for neglecting my online patch, but I can assure you I have not neglected the 'Marto Pants'.

They've grown from here...

...24 left in my care, all the rest have now been re homed and are progressing well I am told. 

To here...

...and I can't fit all 24 in the frame any more.

They are looking a little spindly, does anyone have any tips on how to plump them out a bit please?

Also, my courgette's have surprised me. Within this last month when I thought I had a dud batch, mother nature worked her magic and blessed me with the beginnings of my favourite vegetables.



29 MARCH 2012

Marto Pants and their 3rd new home...

Spent most of this afternoon rehoming 48 our not so 'Baby Marto Pants'. 

They are coming along real well. I have given two trays of 24 away, not sure how they are doing but ours are marching full steam ahead. Still to early to plant out, another month maybe, still too cold at night where we are.

I have now also finally got round to planting my courgette seeds today as well. I've sown 12 but last year not all took on, so excited to see how will emerge in 2012.

Till next time


19 MARCH 2012

'Marto Pants Mummy'... (Mini Magpie's name for our ever growing Tomato Plants)

We have some progress in camp ' Marto Pants'.

I really didn't think I would be looking at these little fellers this point, I thought after pricking them out, I would loose the majority but only two haven't made it so far out of 120.

They seem to be enjoying their sunny spot anyway. 

My plan this weekend is to get the courgette seeds and onion sets in.


8 MARCH 2012

And so Ten Whole Days later...

My mum, a.k.a Mama Magpie treated me and the frequent feathered visitors to my garden to a super lush new 5* restaurant yesterday of their own, I love it!! Hope they will to? You can fit a whole bag of wild bird feed in it! What a lovely mama I have!! 

Also, a whole ten days has passed since I sowed my tomato seeds and to my surprise, just feast your eyes on nature at it's best. WOW!!

You'd be forgiven for thinking I'm growing cress, it did cross my mind that I have been nurturing the wrong plants but I did double check the seed packs, definitely not cress. I've always bought my tomato plants ready to plant out but here and now, I'm totally amazed at how all the little seedlings have sprouted...Tomato plant anyone??


26 FEBRUARY 2012

Hello again!

I just thought I would up date you in how Magpie's Patch is looking and what veggies I'm progressing with since I last posted at the beginning of the month. What a difference a month can make, almost into March and the daffodils and snowdrops are beginning grace us with their beauty and hooray!, the frost and snow has left us for another year!. Touch wood, I'm superstitious, I don't want to speak to soon!

This weekend has seen me don on my wellies and get down and dirty in the garden, re reading that I was fully clothed as well!! Would hate you think I was only wearing wellies whilst getting back to nature, in our neighbourhood, it may be peaceful but there is always someone keeping an eye out for the odd things that might happen from time to time lets say and me, just wearing wellies would be and shock to anyone's eyeballs I'm sure!

So with a little help from one of my furry assistants, the marvellous Mr "Max" our tremendously fluffy cat, who also appeared to be not very persuasive in enticing his partner in crime to join us, Paddy decided to observe what we were doing from the safety of our living room, Max and I hit the garden to dig up the weeds.

We also potted up the cherry tomato seeds which I purchased in Friday, and left our Charlotte potatoes to chit.

How cool is this? The tomatoes were packaged in their propagator. Genius idea, no waste and reusable another time. So, we will have to wait and see how these develop as they catch the rays of the Spring sun on the window sill.

Last but by no means least, I just wanted to share with you a couple of photos of some of the ladybugs that were out and about enjoying the Spring sun too.

Till next time, take care xx


Hello and welcome to Rubie Magpie's Home Grow Patch!

Over the next few months, I will be planning and seeding my vegetables and herbs for this year. I started looking at growing my own produce last year, just potatoes, courgettes, tomatoes, easy-ish things for me but I got so much pleasure out of watching them grow so I'm looking forward to seeing what develops this time round.

Waking up today and finding a covering of crisp, white snow hiding my garden, I find it hard to imagine that spring will soon be here...but  touch wood, it's coming!!  Even the poor birdies will find it hard going over the next few days, my new bird feeder was covered...there is food under there honest!


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